Meet Brad Rogers MD

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Dr. Brad Rogers MD

Medical Director – Brad Rogers Family Practice & Sports Medicine

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Brad Rodgers brings over 40 years of medical experience to our clinic. Receiving his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1983 and his Residency in 1986, Dr. Brad Rodgers has and still works in many different medical areas. Some of his experiences including:

  • Medical Board Member, Kearney Regional Medical Center

  • Medical Director of BioTest Plasma

  • Team Doctor Tri-City Storm, 2000 – Present

  • Team Physician for UNK Athletics, 1998 – Present

Dr. Brad Rodgers is the American Academy of Family Practice, Board Certified. Dr. Rodgers specializes in certified wound care, family medicine, hormone therapy, and sports medicine.

Since graduating from Residency in 1986, Dr. Rodgers enjoys being a preceptor for medical students and family physician residents through the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Other enjoyments include the love of all sports, hunting, and fishing. He is happily married to his wife, Kim Rodgers, and has children; Ian Rodgers, Brooke Ramadhin, Jami Nevala, Brandi Nevala, and Kaden Nevala.