GetHairMD™ Hair Care

Create an Optimal Hair Growth Environment, Both Inside and Out

While our GetHairMD™ Hair Loss Solutions do the heavy lifting to help you keep, improve, and grow your hair, our Hair Care Products are designed to create as a healthy hair growth environment as possible, which in-turn make our solutions as effective as possible.


GetHairMD™ Hair Care

The GetHairMD™ Hair Care lineup includes: Replenish Shampoo, Restorative Conditioning Treatment, and Rapid Growth Serum.

NOW INCLUDED with every new GetHairMD™ program!

Replenish Shampoo

The GetHairMD™ Replenish Shampoo adds fullness to thin lifeless hair by expanding the shaft of the individual hair follicles, leaving the hair with a healthy body, volume, and shine. Gentle enough for everyday use, this product can be used on virtually any hair type.

Restorative Conditioning Treatment

The GetHairMD™ Restorative Conditioning Treatment provides nourishment; its rich formulation reinforces follicle roots to prevent breakage, and helps promote fullness and body in thinning hair. Like the Replenish Shampoo, the GetHairMD™ Hair Care Restorative Conditioning Treatment is good for all kinds of hair types.

Rapid Growth Serum

The GetHairMD™ Rapid Growth Serum is a rejuvenating complex designed to address temporary hair thinning caused by various common causes of hair loss. Its primary benefit, the serum contains HRS-10, a biomimetic peptide with a specialized red clover extract rich in Biochanin A. This advanced formula supports the scalp’s natural microcirculation to create healthy conditions for new hair growth.

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