Meet Dr. Lauren Saltzburg, D.O, MBA, MA

Dr. Lauren Saltzburg, D.O, MBA, MA

Medical Director –Sactuary Medical Aesthetics Center

Dr. Lauren Saltzburg is a dedicated Hair Restoration Surgeon who specializes in nonsurgical and surgical treatments for all types of hair loss. Dr. Saltzburg has been working with hair restoration patients throughout the Unites Stated for over 9 years and is continually on the forefront of the newest technology, regenerative medicine, and standard of care for the treatment of hair loss. 

As a member of the esteemed International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Dr. Saltzburg globally educates and trains other physicians on how to appropriately diagnose and treat patients suffering from hair loss. Additionally, Dr. Saltzburg holds a Masters Degree in Biomedical Ethics and is a member of the International Ethics Committee, advising integrity-filled hair restoration practices globally. 

Dr. Saltzburg sees patients from afar virtually and in-person across South Florida. She has a fervent passion for regenerative medicine and its role in the hair growth process as well as in conjunction with laser therapy, an optimal combination treatment for hair growth. She uses a multimodal treatment plan to customize hair loss protocols for her patients, using non-surgical treatments options that may include genetic testing, 3-D imaging & tracking of your hair follicles, transdermal infusion, or laser combination therapy. Additionally, she performs FUE hair transplants as well for clients who are surgical canidates.