Unlocking Growth: The Next Big Thing in Medical Aesthetics: Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Strategies and Marketing Insights

Physicians who rely on referrals and walk-ins are at the mercy of the market. Take control of your patient pipeline with an effective digital strategy.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Effectively use Digital Ads to increase appointments for your office
  • Optimize your Google My Business profile to appear above your competitors
  • Utilize AI to fuel your organic content marketing

Dennis Stoutenburgh, the CEO of Social Strategy1, has worked extensively in the aesthetics and medical space to help brands in their digital transformation. He’ll share a proven strategy to help physicians build their patient funnel to get more appointments.

    Webinar on May 15th, 2024:

    Speaker: Dennis Stoutenburgh is the CEO of Social Strategy1, a marketing agency that works with Fortune 1,000 brands to startups. SS1 connects brands and companies with their target audience in engaging, compelling and consistent ways through multiple channels.

    Speaker Amanda Roser: With 18 years of marketing expertise, Amanda accelerates B2B and B2C client businesses with compelling web content, graphic designs, and social media strategies. She helps brands stand out, crafting targeted strategies to attract, engage, and convert followers into loyal customers.

    Speaker Paul Herchman: Paul Herchman CEO of GetHairMD is a nationally recognized entrepreneur known for his success in the medical/aesthetic device industry. His leadership at Thermi led to its emergence as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, culminating in its sale for $82 million in 2016. With a track record of success, Paul has also led ventures that assisted physicians in opening over 300 med spas and completed an IPO for Medical Alliance Inc., a national mobile surgical and laser services company.

    Interested in learning more? Reach out directly to Trace Herchman, Senior VP of Business Development, at trace.h@gethairmd.com

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