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Results that Speak for Themselves

Our lineup of Hair Loss Solutions provide safe and proven results for all of our patients suffering with hair loss & thinning.

Female Results: Actual Untouched Patient Photos

Male Results: Actual Untouched Patient Photos

It’s a common problem with a realistic solution. Find out how to incorporate this industry leading, innovative solution to your practice and help your patients join the over 10,000 successful hair restoration treatments performed with GetHairMD™.

Our Hair Loss Solutions

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for hair loss.

GetHairMD™ is a network of physicians that partner with every patient to formulate a personalized treatment plan customized to each individual’s unique hair loss needs and concerns.

The medical community has proven that to get the best results you must take a multimodality approach. Our goal at GetHairMD™ is to provide you with a series of Hair Loss Solutions that will create the healthiest environment for your scalp to stop further loss, improve the health of your hair, and to regrow hair in areas where loss has already occurred.